Changes to Customer Service in Vuosaari from 4 December

Changes to Customer Service in Vuosaari

We are constantly striving to improve our operations. The transition to partial remote and hybrid work, along with digitalization, has brought new opportunities and challenges that we are actively addressing. To facilitate smoother everyday life and services, we are reorganizing our customer service functions in Vuosaari.

Customer service at the terminal office will be centralized from the Gatehouse building to the A1 terminal. The relocation of the terminal office to A1 terminal ensures access to cargo handling services from a single location as usual. The relocation is scheduled to take place starting from December 4th, but we will provide more detailed information closer to the date.

With these changes, customer service at the Gatehouse counter will only be available by separate agreement.  Any need for counter service should be reported in advance so that we can arrange the service. Starting from the beginning of 2024, a separate service fee will be charged for this service. Existing agreements for separately arranged printing services will continue as before.

If needed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your contact person, or our sales department.