SA-TU Logistics is developing its operations – Mrs. Päivi Rautatähti is appointed as a Customs Service Director and Mr. Mika Eloranta as a Director, Cargo Handling

Our aim is to create a single point of contact model for our customers. Due to this, we are making few changes in our organization to improve the customer experience and effectiveness of our customer service.

Member of the management team, Mrs. Päivi Rautatähti (former Kyllönen) is appointed as a Customer Service Director responsible for operations customer service. As a substitution to Mrs. Rautatähti as a Director, Cargo Handling, is appointed Mr. Mika Eloranta. Mr. Eloranta will also act as a member of the management team. Mika is moving to his new position from the sales department. We will contact all Mika’s customers during this autumn to discuss the new account management model.

– Mrs. Rautatähti has more than 20 years of experience in similar customer service tasks and with her great knowledge we are able to develop our customer service further to the direction wanted. Mr. Eloranta is a real professional in cargo handling and brings his know-how to develop our terminal functions further. We are offering our customers versatile logistics services in Finland and our customers are using all our services widely. One single point of contact for all the customers and all services improves the customer service quality and simplifies also our own operations, tells Mr. Niko Plith, CEO.