SA-TU Logistics Customs Services is now operating as Customs Support Finland.

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What is Customs Support?

Customs Support is a leading neutral and digital customs partner, operating in 13 European countries. We are a fast pacing company that stands for knowledge, customs compliance and efficient IT solutions.

Every day nearly 2000 customs specialists and 100 Brexit experts are working for our clients to arrange customs matters. Teams of specialists advise customers and solve challenges on fiscal representation and customs documents. We make sure goods move through your supply chain and across borders safely, efficiently and without hassle or delay.

We also work for other forwarding and logistics companies as well as large exporting and importing companies. Our digital connection to Finnish Customs enables us to conduct electronic customs clearance everywhere in Finland. If needed, we can receive consignments by XML-message. You can order and follow your declarations thru our web-based portal. Our offices across Europe can help you with customs matters in other European countries.

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